The Olusegun Obasanjo Foundation

The Olusegun Obasanjo Foundation is a UK based charity dedicated to bringing human security to all people by partnering with and funding organisations across Africa that are working on the Foundation’s initiatives crucial to human security.

The concept of Human Security has been a long-standing commitment by President Obasanjo to promote the initiatives that can dramatically change the lives of individuals and communities on the Continent.

The Foundation will partner with organization and change agents across the Continent to support the following initiatives:


Feed Africa – Encourage young people to become farmers and support them by providing grants to groups or villages for training, seeds, fertilizers and machinery that will improve the productivity from farming operations.

Learn more about the Feed Africa Initiative


Youth Empowerment – The Foundation will work organizations to empower young people in Africa. In particular, through the support of employment skills training in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering.

Learn more about the Youth Empowerment Initiative


Education for Girls – The Foundation will work directly with schools in Africa to give bursaries to girls who are affected by hardship and are now unable to pay their school fees or buy materials for school.

Learn more about the Education for Girls Initiative


Health Initiative – The relief of sickness in Africa, targeting non-communicable and water borne diseases across the Continent, through the support of organisations promoting the prevention of, and care of patients with diabetes, hypertension, sickle cell and water borne diseases.

Learn more about the Health Initiative

A process for measuring the success and impact of each initiative has been put in place by the Foundation to ensure funding is being channelled in the most effective way.