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Welcome dear visitor. Through my life’s experiences as a young village boy, a student, officer, a military commander, Head of State and President, I have remained dedicated to community life and service. I continue to express this dedication with my love for Nigeria, my country, Africa and humanity at large. Through this website, I hope to share with you the ways I continue to devote my energy to the complex problems and processes of human relations, development and security particularly as far as Africa is concerned.

I appreciate you taking the time to review the contents of the website and to consider what ways we can work together. There is a wonderful opportunity for Africa to cease to be the wretched of the earth and climb to the mountaintop of developments, peace, security, good governance and prosperity. I remain optimistic, hopeful and inspired by the reforms and changes that have taken place in Africa. I am always impressed with the human potential of this Continent and particularly by the up-and-coming young leadership of Africa who are angry and eager to become change and transformation agents for themselves and subsequent generations of Africans.

Olusegun Obasanjo



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